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Welcome to Jiangyin Hengfeng (Camboy) Wire Ropes Co., Ltd.


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Jiangyin Hengfeng (Camboy) Wire Ropes Co., Ltd. (“Camboy” for short), founded in 1993, is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial ropes, automobile ropes, elevator ropes, steel wire, industrial and civilian steel wire ropes and slings. Currently, over 80% of our products are sold to the industry indicator measuring markets like Western Europe, North America and Japan.
In order to expand production scale and product scope, Camboy has set up stainless steel rope factories and stainless steel wire factories since 2004. With an annual production of 12,000 tons of carbon steel ropes, 2,500 tons of stainless steel and 5,000 tons of stainless steel wires, Camboy is a well-known manufacturer at home and abroad.
"Perfect Quality" and "International Leading Brand" is the common goal of each employee. To achieve this goal, Camboy will continue to pursue higher quality, more professional and sincere services.
certificates in 2011. In the attitude of “Dedicated, Professional, Enthusiastic”, Camboy will continue to provide the best services to meet the demands of customers on “quantity” and thus creating the maximum benefits for both parties.